Wrist Ailment Slowing Sidney Crosby?


After the last Pittsburgh Penguins postseason run it was obvious Captain Sidney Crosby was not well. He looked slow, his shot was lacking velocity and he was generally ineffective. Later is was announced by the Penguins that Crosby had in fact been playing through a wrist injury. Instead of choosing to have surgery on said injury Sidney Crosby chose to rehabilitate his wrist. In the beginning of the season this looked like a wise decision and Crosby’s shot had returned to him. In his first eight games this season he scored seven goals but in the following 24 games he has just three. 

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Overall in Sidney Crosby’s last 50 games (including the postseason) he has just 11 goals in 50 games. A figure that is shocking low for a man who had a career high of 51 goals in 81 games back in 2009-2010.

Some have argued that Sidney Crosby has had a never ending cycle of linemates and he has just been unlucky, I personally do not believe it. Sidney Crosby is one of the best, if not the best player in all of the NHL and he has not played like himself. The statistics will argue that Crosby has been shooting and getting unlucky but the statistics only tell part of the story.

It finally dawned upon me while watching the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-0 loss to the Washington Capitals. Crosby not only was shooting the puck inaccurately but he was often times deferring to others. It is well known that Sidney Crosby is a master of looking for the best possible play and will dish the puck accordingly but something has been different lately.

Dec 4, 2014; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Penguins center Sidney Crosby (87) takes the ice against the Vancouver Canucks during the first period at the CONSOL Energy Center. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

In a two on one situation Crosby had the puck and was joined by Bryan Rust as they flew down the ice. It was obvious that Sidney Crosby had the better chance to score on the play (also has a better shot) but he dished the puck to Rust and he missed the shot.

I began to start wondering and looking back at recent games and this has become a common trend for Sidney Crosby. There is only one logical answer to why he continues to repetitively not make the best play.

Sidney Crosby’s wrist is hurt again!

Whether or not he or the Pittsburgh Penguins will admit it, I am certain Crosby is bother by his wrist again. His play style has changed to the same as during the last postseason, his shots are weak and often off target.

However, since the Pittsburgh Penguins are missing so many key players, Sidney Crosby realizes he cannot miss time and chosen to play through it. Not only is this a mistake for the Penguins but possible could cause serious damage to his wrist. These games truly do not matter that much, Pittsburgh needs a healthy Crosby for the postseason and if he is hurt he should get off the ice.

Evgeni Malkin has shown he can carry the team and he might have to fairly shortly. I pray I am wrong and Crosby is just in a slump but the signs are pointing to his wrist being hurt again, lets just hope I am wrong.