Hockey Through The Eyes Of Sidney Crosby


Our beloved Sidney Crosby is under fire by the media and fans alike. For some unknown reason, people are having trouble accepting that Sidney Crosby cannot produce 100+ points every season (sarcasm intended). Rob Rossi recently wrote a column implying that Sidney Crosby is already old and washed up. However, there is one thing that no one can question, and that is how hard Sidney Crosby practices daily. He is known as a workaholic and usually is one of the last players to leave the ice and the first to participate in extra drills. 

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It is one thing to hear about his work ethic and read about it, but it is an entirely different thing to see it in action. Behold, through the wonderful concept that is technology, we can experience first hand what Sidney Crosby sees during practice. GoPro has released videos like this before featuring many NHL stars, but this video specifically features our own Sidney Crosby.

Sidney Crosby is arguably one of the best players of the current generation and is in the middle of another great season. GoPros have been growing in popularity and the footage they can provide is quite impressive. However, I have not seen anything as impressive as this video where our own Sidney Crosby wears a GoPro and runs through some practice drills.

After watching this I personally have a new appreciation for the talent Sidney Crosby has. Hockey is one of the most difficult sports to play and puck control is often one of the hardest aspects to master. If Sidney Crosby proves anything from this video, it is that he is the top player in the league.

Not only is what he showcases on the ice absolutely incredible, but Sidney Crosby makes it look easy, almost effortless. We truly are blessed to have a superstar like this on our team.