Pittsburgh Penguins Will Not Resign Craig Adams: A Decision Long Overdue


Craig Adams has seen his last days as a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins. The 38 year old veteran will no longer wear the black and gold jersey according to reports. This news has left most Penguins fans jumping for joy, due to his lack of production and at times effort from the fourth line grinder.

Mr. Adams was a punching bag for many Pittsburgh Penguins fans during the team’s skid in March and April when he seemed to show a lack of desire on the ice. Craig’s last game as a Penguin came on fan appreciation night against the New York Islanders where he had one shift, 35 seconds of time-on-ice. This was probably not the way he pictured ending his career in Pittsburgh, but it was not meant to be any other way.

That being said, the Pittsburgh Penguins need to get younger. There is nothing wrong with having a 38 year old in the lineup, but if this team is looking to keep up with the faster and more skilled players of 2015, parting ways is the best option. Also, if a 38 year old veteran is in your lineup he needs to produce every so often with a timely goal, assist or fight.

This was not the case with Craig Adams. He carries a cap hit of $700,000, which is not that much for a veteran winger who was a key piece on the Stanley Cup Champion team in 2009. Considering his performance this season, it was clear to Jim Rutherford and company that parting ways will be the best thing for the Pittsburgh Penguins going forward.

Though I am happy he will no longer be returning to Pittsburgh, I will truly miss the player Craig Adams used to be before age caught up with him. I hope that Pittsburgh Penguins fans remember Craig for what he brought to the ice every single game and every single shift. He was one of the best penalty killers in recent memory, in my opinion.

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Who could forget the guy that continuously put his body on the line to block slap shots from the point?  You have to appreciate the version of Craig Adams that went out of his way to put defensemen on their wallets with an aggressive forecheck. Who could forget how durable he was and how in shape he was every season?  After all, he did put together a consecutive games streak of 319.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have struggled with injuries over the past few seasons, but Craig Adams was a guy that was almost always in the lineup even if he was banged up a little. He had a veteran presence in the locker room and was always well liked by teammates. His leadership and experience will be missed. I wish him the best of luck and hope he retires as a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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