Pittsburgh Penguins: Top Ten Penguins To Hate In 2016

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The Pittsburgh Penguins took a holiday break. For the last several days, I’m sure many of our lives have been full of love and happiness. Being home for the holidays, surrounded by family and friends, it’s one of the most cheerful times of year isn’t it?

In the months preceding this wonderful holiday season however, many of us have taken out the frustrations and disappointment in our lives out on the Penguins. And to be honest they were kind of the perfect target. The team is having one of their most disappointing seasons in recent memory, with seemingly every player on the roster besides Marc-Andre Fleury and Evgeni Malkin playing significantly below expectation.

And now of course, with this beautiful holiday season coming to an end, there’s no doubt in my mind that the pent-up rage and disappointment within Penguins fans has been building and we need a target to once again unleash it upon.

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The problem this fan base is facing now however, is who specifically do we direct our hatred at?

In the last few weeks both of our major targets over the last year have been shipped out of town, with Mike Johnston being fired and Rob Scuderi traded at long last. With them now gone, what are we left to do? Only have positive and optimistic thoughts about the team moving forward, avoiding knee-jerk reactions and snap judgments?

Hell no.

Here’s the top ten candidates to receive our collective hatred in 2016.

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