Pittsburgh Penguins: Top Ten Penguins To Hate In 2016

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Kris Letang

What about the highly skilled defenseman that’s supposed to be dripping with puck-moving ability and offensive talent? The one who isn’t very good at running a competent power play?

And who apparently must be so emotionally-fragile that literally everyone within the Penguins organization is afraid to tell him he blows at it?

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That’s to speak nothing of the seemingly non-stop injuries Kris Letang has suffered over the past year.

I have a pretty mild cramp in my left hand right now, but I’m still typing away like crazy cause guess what Kris!?

Sometimes you’ve just gotta push through things when you have a volunteer commitment (or in your case are getting paid $7 million/year)!

Like do you not understand how critical you are to the Pittsburgh Penguins, and how completely lost they are without you? Actually, yeah that’s true, maybe we shouldn’t hate on him too much.

Can’t really avoid illegal headshots or the resulting concussions. Get well soon.

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