Pittsburgh Penguins List of 2017 NHL Entry Draft Picks

The Pittsburgh Penguins headed into the 2017 NHL Entry Draft hot off a Stanley Cup win.

The Pittsburgh Penguins were looking to bolster their farm to the best of their abilities while staying competitive. We may not have had the best picks in the draft, but we made the best of it.

The Penguins clearly had a focus going into this year’s draft, and it wasn’t very different from last year’s strategy. The Penguins had six picks this year, and they chose four defenceman. They’ve been drafting mostly defenceman in the last two drafts.

Whether or not this works out for us is yet to be determined, but I’m sure we can trust in our scouts who brought us this far with a few Stanley Cup Championships.


2nd Round, #51  Zachary Lauzon (D)

3rd Round #93  Clayton Phillips (D)

5th Round #152 Jan Drozg (LW)

5th Round #155  Linus Olund (C)

6th Round #186  Antti Palojarvi (D)

7th Round #217  William Reilly (D)

Time will tell how these players pan out. We will have to give this draft a few years to truly see who makes the team and who doesn’t. But overall, I’d say the Penguins did a good job with the draft. We filled holes and we moved picks that we didn’t need. Let’s keep it going.