Pittsburgh Penguins: What Could a Max Pacioretty Trade Look Like?

The Pittsburgh Penguins have had a relatively quiet offseason.

Yesterday, I wrote about the Pittsburgh Penguins supposed recent inquiries to the Montreal Canadiens about acquiring captain Max Pacioretty.

The idea of adding Pacioretty to an already contending team is a great idea. The Habs are undergoing a rebuild and are looking to acquire younger talent for the future in exchange for Pacioretty. He can come here, make us better and have a chance to win the Cup, all while making the Habs happy with whatever they get in return.

But what exactly would it take to acquire Pacioretty from the Habs. They seemed to be actively shopping him at different times over the course of the season. If the Penguins were to make a move now, what would it take?

Prospects or Picks

The Penguins are doing exactly what the Habs aren’t doing, which is contending for the Cup. With that said, the Habs are going to look towards the future while we’re looking to the present. This presents us with a good opportunity to make the right trade.

Like I said in yesterday’s article, the trade would have to start off with a cap dump, most likely from Carl Hagelin who has a cap hit of $4 million. He will likely be replaced by Pacioretty anyways and would be a sizeable upgrade, so it’s alright.

But the Penguins will also have to add in either a B level prospect or a pick. I’m curious to wonder if the Canadiens would be willing to let Pacioretty go for simply a first rounder, but I highly doubt it as Pacioretty may be their most valuable piece besides Carey Price and Shea Weber.

Although I hope that Bergevin makes another bad trade similar to the Galchenyuk for Domi trade, being realistic I can see a trade working out that includes Hagelin, a first or second round pick and maybe a B level prospect from our farm system like Zachary Lauzon. A second rounder may work, so let’s hope for that.

The Habs would be looking for these win-later assets while we’d be looking for the win-ready Pacioretty. This is how the trade would most likely go down, unless Jim Rutherford can pull some magic from his sleeves. Then again, it is Bergevin.