Pittsburgh Penguins Take Your Pick: Tristan Jarry or Matt Murray

Pittsburgh Penguins, Tristan Jarry #35 (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Pittsburgh Penguins, Tristan Jarry #35 (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

The inevitable may be happening for the Pittsburgh Penguins as they may have to trade one of their goalies. With that in mind, who would you keep?

Speaking of the inevitable, the Pittsburgh Penguins General Manager, Jim Rutherford told The Athletic on Tuesday that he may have to trade either the Stanley Cup-winning Matt Murray or the young and energetic Tristan Jarry. For context, Murray’s annual value is $3.75 million whereas Jarry’s is just $675,000 but surly to rise within the next year.

Firstly, it’s doubtful that the Penguins can dig deep enough into their wallets to find room for both of these highly touted keepers as they’ve continued all season in an epic netminder battle on and off the ice. With very little standing in between them, Rutherford said “it will be a Sullivan decision.

Without know the future and what might happen with the Penguins goalkeeping battalion, let’s look at the fact of what we know, and then I’ll ask you, the reader, what is your opinion? Who do you think should stay at the Pens goalie, if given the choice?

Matt Murray

Born: May 25, 1994

Birthplace: Thunder Bay, ON, CAN

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Murray started his Penguins campaign in somewhat of a dream status because just after 13 regular-season games, he was starting for the Pens in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Fast forward another 2 years and he is the netminder charged with winning back to back Cups.

His career numbers are nothing to shirk at either. In 199 games played, his W-L record is 117-53-19 and he is credited with what will end up being some of the most memorable Penguins games of all time. He was dealt the hand of taking over for the Pens Icon, Marc Andre Fleury, and never skipped a beat.

He has somewhat fizzled out since those miraculous two seasons but wouldn’t it be hard not too? Murray did what many warn about in showing his hand too early and setting his bar incredibly high. Here or there, he is set up for an amazing career and will be a leader wherever he ends up.

Tristan Jarry

Born: April 29, 1995

Birthplace: Surrey, BC, CAN

It’s weird to think that Jarry was drafted by the Penguins way back in 2013, not sure if that’s weirder or the fact that 2013 was actually a while ago and not just last week. After being drafted, he went back to his WHL team, Edmonton, and played 2 more seasons before heading to WBS.

His career has been somewhat a “luck of the draw” time because he seemingly always got his shots when Fleury or Murray went out. He is most remembered by me as the goalie that beat out veteran Antti Niemi for the backup role in 2017.

His determination and ability to take advantage of his chances have led him to a solid career so far and having a W-L record of 34-20-4 and a .914 save percentage. As Murray struggled in the early goings of the season, Jarry once again took over and realistically has the chance to become the next great netminder for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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If you pay any mind to the happenings of Murray and Jarry this season, you will see that the Penguins faithful are somewhat torn, we are torn here as well. So with that in mind, what say you? Who should stay and who should go? Or should the brass on 5th Avenue find a way to keep both of these prominent goalies?