Pittsburgh Penguins by the numbers: Brandon Tanev

Brandon Tanev #13 of the Pittsburgh Penguins. (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)
Brandon Tanev #13 of the Pittsburgh Penguins. (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images) /

Don’t look away, or you will miss this Pittsburgh Penguins by the numbers recap. From body checking to shot-blocking, he’s a blur on and off the ice.

There is hockey speed, and then there is Brandon Tanev hockey speed. The Pittsburgh Penguins forward has two gears, fast-paced and faster-paced, and the difference is mind-blowing. Even off the ice, he’s always moving from friendly banter with other players or jumping into any team event he can find. “Turbo” is always on the move.

Every hockey player has a specialty, something that they have made their own. For Tanev, it has to be his sheer skating ability. He could easily use it to win any race, but instead, he hones his skills and succeeds for the Penguins as a significant penalty killer. Not to mention that he can fore-check with the best of them, making him a dangerous asset.

In his first season with the Pens, coming over from Winnipeg, he’s had his second-best season statistically. He’s been active in 68 games and has scored 25 points just as play stopped in early March. With the season returning, he will undoubtedly top last year’s numbers and stick to the trend of getting better each season.

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Pittsburgh Penguins by the numbers: Brandon Tanev

So, what’s a player like Tanev doing over this break? Surely someone with as much energy and pizzazz as him is going stir-crazy. On the contrary, he’s been slowing down a bit. From doing puzzles to reading books, and even sending out a daily Seinfeld GIF every day, he’s been taking it easy over the hockey hiatus. But seriously, you have to check him out on Instagram.

When hockey returns in a few months, I am sure that he will be ready to roll once more. Only this time, it’ll be into the NHL playoffs. Think of this break as a rejuvenation period for the Toronto native. I do not doubt that he will be excited to trade in his books and games for skates, and the potential to dive into a shot or the opposition.

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Luckily for Pens fans, Brandon Tanev is only in his first year of a six-year deal. Meaning, that the Penguins have this gem of a player for years to come. He’s a raw talent still well in his prime and always ready to do whatever to get the job done. He is exactly what the Penguins need this off-season and for many more seasons to come.