Pittsburgh Penguins: NHL unveils interactive plans for Stanley Cup Playoffs

The NHL is working on ways to get everyone to connect this postseason due to fan restrictions. Follow along to find out how to interact with the Penguins.

On Tuesday, July 28th, the National Hockey League, Twitter, and Disney Streaming Services all became partners to deliver live look-ins of select Stanley Cup Qualifiers and into the rest of the playoffs. For the first time, Pittsburgh Penguins fans will be able to vote via Twitter polling to select which games to watch.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have a massive fan base, no surprise there, so this will be the perfect opportunity. If you, the fan, have no other way to watch the postseason match-ups, this will be an excellent and interactive way to do so.

Starting on August 1st, so two days, and subsequently for each week during the qualifying round and the first two rounds of the playoffs, the NHL will select two game nights per week. What that means, schedules permitting, is that fans will get to vote for those matches leads up to the games. How it will work, will once again, be all on you, the fan.

Pittsburgh Penguins: NHL unveils interactive plans for Stanley Cup Playoffs

The NHL’s Twitter Page will have live polls flowing before the games are played earlier in the week, giving everyone the chance to log in and vote for the games they would like to see. If you haven’t guessed it already, the top two games will be then shown via live look-ins throughout the game.

Once the Stanley Cup Playoffs have moved into the conference finals, a minimum of five games will be shown. For the finals, every matchup until the cup is lifted will be shown. Honestly, this is a cool way to watch the NHL if you have no other means, or are stuck at work.

For a more significant breakdown, click here for the official release from the National Hockey League. The louder the fan-base is, the more you will be able to watch the games. So that means, Pittsburgh Penguins fans, it’s time to get loud once more and be ready to help get the Pens shown in more places.