Despite heavy opposition, Matt Murray will start Game 2 for the Penguins

The word “solid” was used to describe Matt Murray after Game 1 on Saturday night. He was “solid” enough to start tonight for the Penguins as well.

The Pittsburgh Penguins media announced via Mike Sullivan that his 2x Stanley Cup champ would be starting Game 2 tonight against the Montreal Canadiens. Honestly, Sullivan said it best with his determination of Matt Murray being reliable, but in a shortened series, was he solid enough?

Double M made 32 out of 35 saves against the Habs on Saturday night, but could’ve been better. His rebounding was questionable all night and he was caught out of place on more than one occasion. You have to look at his performance with shaded glasses, due to the head-bending performance of Carey Price. Murray played well enough to get the win, but the hockey gods had differing ideas.

Despite massive opposition, Matt Murray will start Game 2 for the Penguins

Looking back, he certainly wasn’t the reason Pittsburgh lost to the number 12 seeded Canadiens, not even in the top few reasons as to why they faltered. The reason this becomes a quick target of hate is the fact that the debate between him and Tristan Jarry has been a never-ending debate all year.

Murray got the nod in Game 1, and he didn’t do enough to lose the role, so, therefore, it makes sense that he starts again. The real issue should be looking at fixing the outrageously bad power play performances by the Penguins. They went one for seven, which is simply put as never good enough. Fix those chances, and you suddenly allow Murray to be the hero.

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Sullivan was quoted after the game saying, “it’s a series, it’s not a one-game scenario.” He’s right, but in a five-game shortened series, the Penguins may not get another chance if tonight goes south. Matt Murray will have his hands full again, but he shouldn’t be the primary source of flack leading into tonight’s matchup.

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