Penguins Jarry could win the Vezina

Pittsburgh Penguins /Getty Images)
Pittsburgh Penguins /Getty Images) /

The Penguins Tristan Jarry could very well win the Vezina Trophy this year.  The Vezina award is given out to the Best Goalie in the NHL for having the best Regular Season.  The NHL GM’s vote on who wins the Vezina Trophy.

Now, I know the odds makers, really like Vasilevskiy from Tampa Bay. And the Toronto press are all over Campbell winning the Vezina.  However, let me make a case for the Penguins Tristan Jarry, who is really the Best Goalie in the NHL right now.

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Jarry has a record of 19-7-4 tied for 4TH overall in the NHL for Wins.  He is carrying a .928 Save %, which is 3rd overall in the NHL.  His Goals Against Average is 2.08, which is 3rd overall in the NHL.  Jarry has 3 shutouts, tied for 3rd overall in the NHL.

Based on this stat package, you might say that he should be placing 3rd in the race for the Vezina trophy.  If that is the case then let’s put on our own “GM hat”, and have a closer look.

Here is a stat package of the Top 6 Goalies in the NHL, as of Jan20.2022.

Vasilevskiy-TB-27 Team Wins, His 23 Wins = .85%  of TB Win Total  .923% Save% 2.20GAA

Jarry-Pitt-23 Team Wins, His 19 Wins = .83%  of Pitts Win Total  .928% Save% 2.08GAA

Campbell-Tor-24 Team Wins, His 19 Wins = .79%  of the Leafs Win Total  .927% Save% 2.24GAA

Anderson-Caro-26 Team Wins, His 20 Wins = .77%  of the Canes Win Total  .930% Save% 1.99GAA

Markstrom-Clg-18 Team Wins, His 13 Wins = .72%  of the Flames Win Total  .926% Save% 2.18GAA

Shesterkin-NYR-26 Team Wins, His 18 Wins = .69%  of NYR Win Total  .938% Save% 2.03GAA

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Quick Analysis

If you were to rank them by Wins, Vasilevskiy-TB, is First.

If you were to rank them by the Percentage of the Teams Wins, Vasilevskiy-TB, is First.

If you were to rank them by Save %, Shesterkin-NYR, is First.

If you were to rank them by GAA, Anderson-Carolina is First.

At first glance, Vasilevskiy-TB, is the front runner for the award.  However, if you analyze the stats in detail, you will notice that Jarry-Pitts, has a better Save% and a better Goals Against Average than Vasilevskiy-TB.  Jarry-Pitts is also right behind Vasilevskiy-TB, for Percentage of their Team’s Wins.  So, who is really, the Best Goalie right now?

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Pittsburgh Penguins … as of Jan20.2022

23-10-5 = 51 Points

4th in the Metropolitan Division (Up from 7th Place in Oct)

6th -Tied in the Eastern conference (Up from 13th Place in Oct)

7th -Tied in the NHL overall (Up from 22nd overall in Oct)

Pittsburgh Penguins are holding the #1 Wild Card Playoff Spot in the Eastern Conference

My View from the Cheap Seats

Since Nov18.2021, Jarry has played some of his goaltending of his career.  He just made the 2022 NHL All-Star Game, and has been playing All-World as we speak.  You know he would have been Team Canada’s #1 Goalie, had the NHL gone the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

I’m making the case right here, right now, for Jarry to Win the 2022 Vezina.  If you put another goalie in the Tampa Bay line-up, I’m sure they would still win many of those games.  When you take Jarry out of the Pittsburgh net, in general, they lose.  Jarry is simply the Best.

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