Pittsburgh Penguin All-Stars 2022

Pittsburgh Penguins (Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images)
Pittsburgh Penguins (Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images) /

Well, the Pittsburgh Penguins made it to the 2022 NHL All-Star break in decent shape.  The Penguins are sitting 3rd in the Metro, a far cry from Last Place in October.

The grind of another Regular Hockey Season is hitting the Penguins hard. The Pens have lost, their last four games, two were in Overtime and one in a Shootout.   But still, can you say limping into the All-Star Break.  I think the Dog Days of NHL season are getting to the boys.

So, let’s pump some tires.  I wanted to share with you, which Penguin Players are playing at the 2022 NHL All-Star Game.

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Tristan Jarry #35 G

Tristan made it to his second All-Star game of his career, in 2022.  He has been playing simply lights out this year.  He started off slow, like the Penguins, and got better as the Penguins got healthier.

As of Feb 03.2022

Jarry 22 Wins – 2nd overall in the NHL.

Jarry .923 Save % – 6th overall in the NHL.

Jarry 2.21 GAA  – 4th overall in the NHL.

Jarry 3 Shut Outs – 4th-Tied overall in the NHL.

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Game Play

Jarry is showing superb angle control this season.  He is telescoping to perfection.  Jarry is able get to his spots fast, which allows him to square up and face the shooter, on his terms.

His rebound control is off the charts, there are none to give.  He is not venturing out to far from his net, therefore, not creating his own drama.

Jarry’s Goalie Grid – Goals Scored from the shooter perspective, up to Jan23.2022

9% High Blocker

16% High Glove

17% Mid-Blocker

16% Mid-Glove

19% Five Hole

13%  Low Blocker

5% Low Glover

6% Empty Net

Jarry is showing no weakness between the pipes and playing All-World right now.

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Jarry seems amazingly comfortable and confident between the pipes.  He has made some jaw-dropping, absolutely spectacular, game saving saves, so far this year.

The most Wins Jarry has put together in his career, was 25 wins in 2020-2021.

2022 will be a career year for #35.

Say Hello, to your 2022 All-Star, Goalie #35 Tristan Jarry.

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Jake Guentzel #59 LW

Guentzel made it to his first All-Star game of his career.  He has been the Red-Hot all season.

As of Feb 03.2022

Guentzel 46 Points – 19th overall in the NHL. (1st on the Penguins)

Guentzel 23 Goals – 10th overall in the NHL. (1st on the Penguins)

Guentzel 23 Assists – 56th Tied overall in the NHL. (3rd on the Penguins)

Guentzel 13th FO% – 13th-overall in the NHL. (1st on the Penguins)

Guentzel is showing no weakness in his game and is playing All-World right now.

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Game Play

Guentzel has single-handedly kept the Penguins in many games, this season.  With #87 and #71, out of the line-up at the beginning of the year, the lions’ share of the Penguins offense filtered through #59.

Guentzel scored while 5 on 5.  He quarterbacked the Power Play when Letang was out of the line-up. He even killed penalties.  All-in All, #59 does it All.

From Nov13.21 against Ottawa, up to Jan13.2022 against LA Kings, #59 put together an 18-game points streak.

The most points Guentzel has scored, was in 2018-2019, with 43 Goals, 36 Assists, and 76 points.

2022 will be a career year for #59.

Say Hello, to your 2022 All-Star, Forward #59 Jake Guentzel.

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Pittsburgh Penguins as of Feb03.2022

27-11-8 = 62 Points

3rd in the Metropolitan Division (Up from 7th Place in Oct)

4th in the Eastern conference (Up from 13th Place in Oct)

6th in the NHL overall (Up from 22nd overall in Oct)

Pittsburgh Penguins are holding the #3 Playoff Spot, in the Metropolitan Division (Eastern Conference).

My View from the Cheap Seats

As the Penguins enter the NHL All-Star break, I am impressed with the overall team play.  I know the dog days have bitten the Pens of late, however, the Penguins owned December and most of January.

Jarry #35 and Guentzel #59 are two big reasons why the Penguins were able to stay afloat in October and early November.  These two are also the reason, the Penguins were in first place, for one day on Jan29.2022.  They are All-Stars who are playing All-World.

In my humble opinion, the Rock-Solid play of #59 and #35 have carried the Penguins out from the abyss and now stare down the potential of a first place Metropolitan Division Title, or better yet, the 2022 Stanley Cup.

Quote of the Day:

“Be like a Star, Beautiful to look at, Impossible to Catch.”