Can the Penguins Win with Jarry Out

Pittsburgh Penguins(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Pittsburgh Penguins(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

The Pittsburgh Penguins are in a complete “free fall.”  Trending in the wrong direction, winners in 4 of their last 13 games.  Losing to the New York Rangers, Colorado, Washington, NYI and the Bruins, have left the Penguins feeling a little uneasy at the moment.

And that bad feeling you have in your gut is from the news that All-Star Goalie Tristan Jarry #35 is injured with a foot/ankle injury and is out of the line-up (week to week) and the Playoffs begin May01.2022.

Now, the reality is the Penguins have sputtered since playing lights out hockey from Mid- November until Mid-March.  I think they are tired and actually waiting for the playoffs.  My hope is that they can turn it on come May01.2022.

The play of Goaltender Jarry will determine if the Penguins can get out of Round 1.

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Tristan Jarry #35 G

You don’t win in the NHL without good goaltending.  And you definitely don’t win in the NHL Playoffs without good to great goaltending.

Jarry #35 had provided outstanding goaltending for most of the season.  I would even say that without him playing at an elite level, the Penguins would have missed the Playoffs.

He started off slow, like the Penguins, and got better as the Penguins got healthier.

As of April 21.2022

Jarry 34 Wins – 8th amongst G-Men (was 2nd overall in the NHL Feb03.22)

Jarry .917 Save %– 8th amongst G-Men (was .923 Save % – 6th overall in the NHL Feb03.22)

Jarry 2.42 GAA – 6th amongst G-Men (was 2.21 GAA  – 4th overall in the NHL Feb03.22)

Jarry 4 Shutouts – Tied 5th amongst G-Men (was 3 Shut Outs – 4th-Tied overall in the NHL Feb03.22)

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Game Play

Jarry #35 has made some jaw-dropping, absolutely spectacular saves this year.  As a reward, he made it to his second All-Star game of his career, in 2022.  This will be a career year for Jarry, in Wins (34) and Goals Against Average (2.42).

Jarry has shown superb angle control this season.  He has been able get to his spots fast, which allows him to square up and face the shooter, on his terms.  He is not venturing out to far from his net, therefore, not creating his own drama.  His rebound control has been off the charts for most of the year, however the level of detail has dropped slightly of late.

Jarry, like the Penguins, have declined a little in their overall level of play, since February 2022.  When analyzing the above stats, you can see that Jarry has dropped to the 8th best goalie, and the Penguins have also dropped into the Wild Card #2 Playoff spot conversation, (here come the Capitals, as we speak.)

That said, Team Defense has also dropped slightly of late, and it shows in the Loss column.

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Jarry’s Goalie Grid – Goals Scored from the shooter perspective.

up to April 09.2022                Jan23.2022

13% High Blocker                   9% High Blocker

17% High Glove                      16% High Glove

13% Mid-Blocker                   17% Mid-Blocker

16% Mid-Glove                      16% Mid-Glove

18% Five Hole                        19% Five Hole

10%  Low Blocker                  13%  Low Blocker

8% Low Glove                         5% Low Glove

4% Empty Net                        6% Empty Net

Jarry has seen a recent increase in goals to his High Blocker/High Glove.  Does this trend show a weakness in his game or is it a poor effort boxing out the opposition or is it a lack of shot blocking, which is leading to more open looks than earlier this year.

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My View from the Cheap Seats

In my humble opinion, say “Hello” to another first round exit, if Jarry cannot get healthy and re-gain his “All-World”, “Rock-Solid”, performance from earlier this season.

(Side Note: Pens Team D needs to step it up and help out too)

The Penguins will only go as far as #35 can take them.

Quote of the Day

“If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore.”