Pittsburgh Penguins: Top Ten Penguins To Hate In 2016

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Trevor Daley

Okay well what about the guy that we traded Rob Scuderi for?

One of the most hated Pittsburgh athletes in years is now gone, but if this team continues to struggle and Trevor Daley begins to as well, it’d be a pretty natural transition to hate on the new guy right?

Plus the added bonus of the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with ripping on something related to the dreaded Rob Scuderi.

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Again though, a pretty major problem arises.

Pretty much all of us wanted Scuderi to be banished from Pittsburgh forever due to his complete lack of any discernible talent or skating ability. Most of us wanted him to be replaced in the lineup by a skilled, puck moving defenseman.

So can we really hate on the guy that is exactly what we wanted?

I feel like if we direct too much hate in this direction, it will make our fan base seem very hypocritical and possibly a little whiny. I’m more than willing to admit that I am quite literally exactly that, I’d just rather not be referred to as that by other hockey fans, you know?

Trevor Daley can stay.

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