Memorial Day Special: The Pittsburgh Penguins as a holiday dish

Pittsburgh Penguins fans watch outside Mellon Arena (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Pittsburgh Penguins fans watch outside Mellon Arena (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images) /

In a funky spin on this American holiday, we look at some Pittsburgh Penguins players that best portray Memorial Day dishes. From classic to new, we have it all.

A typical Memorial Day gets spent with friends and family getting down on some good food. Typically, there would NHL playoffs on, and hopefully, the Pittsburgh Penguins would be in it. This season is different, however, but more importantly, we would be remiss if we didn’t remember the true meaning of this day, honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military.

As the holiday encroached upon us, we thought it would be fun, or weird, to partner Penguins players alongside some Memorial Day treats. Whether by significance, lack thereof, or just because it felt right, this list got strange, real fast. With that in mind, here is our inventory, and we would be interested to know yours.

Memorial Day Dish: Corn on the Cob

Penguins Player: Bryan Rust

Corn on the Cob is a staple when it comes to today’s meal. It’s considered a side piece, but without it, the main meal would be missing something. That, in a nutshell, is Bryan Rust to the Penguins and his line.

Memorial Day Special: The Pittsburgh Penguins as a holiday dish

Memorial Day Dish: Watermelon

Penguins Player: Tristan Jarry

Watermelon cools you off, it’s refreshing and replenishes you in more ways than one. Tristan Jarry has been that for the Pens this year as he can keep the hearts fresh and refreshed when things get tough.

Memorial Day Dish: Hot Dogs

Penguins Player: Matt Murray

Matt Murray is to the Penguins what Hot Dogs are to today. They are the main course, yet somehow overlooked and frowned upon at times. Sometimes the best thing is right in front of you; you just miss it.

Memorial Day Dish: Potato Salad

Penguins Player: Evgeni Malkin 

Hearty, sticks to your ribs, and a game-changer. Much like potato salad, Geno holds the same value. Evgeni Malkin can stick a defender, fill your heart, and finish out a game with the best of them.

Memorial Day Dish: Hamburgers

Penguins Player: Sidney Crosby

What is the first thing people think of when the Penguins come to mind? Sidney Crosby. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Memorial Day food? Hamburgers. The main dish of the main dishes.

Memorial Day Dish: Lemonade

Penguins Player: Jake Guentzel 

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Although not a food, lemonade is needed right along with the best of today’s meals. It’s key to adding more food to your day and helping push it down. Jake Guentzel is the key to pushing the Penguins on and adding more to there scoreline.

Memorial Day Dish: Fish, Lobster, etc…

Penguins Player: Brian Dumoulin

A bit of an unsung hero when it comes to today but still vitally important. Much of the same can be said about Brian Dumoulin. Not to mention, he can make a mean seafood dish, and it is his favorite.

Memorial Day Dish: Wings

Penguins Player: Brandon Tanev 

Brandon Tanev, or turbo, is also a kitchen connoisseur. With a nickname like that, what better dish to be than some spicy, yet impressive chicken wings. Gotta eat ’em fast, and they are the perfect in-between snack.

Memorial Day Dish: The Dessert Entrees

Penguins Player: Kris Letang

Sweet, savory, and smooth are all defining factors when it comes to dessert. Who else but Kris Letang comes to mind when you think of those words for the Penguins. Desserts finish the meal, and a lot of times, Letang helps to finish out the game.

Memorial Day Dish: Baked Beans

Penguins Player: Conor Sheary 

There are multiple types of baked beans, just like there are many different sides to Conor Sheary. Messy, getting in the way, and yet savory, the baked bean of the Penguins in none other than Sheary.

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Well, there you have it! Some of the classic and new Memorial Day treats and the Penguins players that we saw fit to represent them best. Were there so many more foods or players to chose from? Absolutely, so as said before, we want to know what and who you think pairs up. Let us know and have a Happy Memorial Day!